Download Prayer Times Muslim All in One Latest Version

Download Prayer Times Muslim All in One Latest Version


Muslim Daily: All in One Muslim Apps with prayer times function and many otherwise


– prayer times: the prayer times countdown and enter adzan sound when praying comes
first scene shows prayer times schedule with five beautiful background. These prayer times dan automatically with GPS data or you can set it manually. Just select your location from drop-down menu.

-. Qibla Direction
After you set your location, Qibla is the direction function to calculate the degree of your location to Mecca / Makkah / Masjidil Haram

– Qur’an: Full 114 Surah with audio mp3 which downloaded can be
This Muslim Daily have applications Koran also feature. Only simple Qur’an with Arabic text and colored tajweed, you can also show the translation. On this Koran function you can download mp3 reciter. Your latest reading Ayyah be saved so that you can touch just one click to read Koran again.

– Dua: Daily duas filters with audio by Ustad Muhammad Arif Hudaya
These applications Daily Dua this Arabic text and translation. This DUA also MP3 audio. You can share your dua for every social media like Facebook and Twitter.

– Hadith Arbain: 40 hadiths Audio Ustad Muhammad Arif Hudaya
Hadith Arbain is common Hadith that we know basically. This hadith Arbain to audio mp3 have. And you can share to Facebook and Twitter and the Hadith.

– Zakah Calculator
Many times we confuse how zakah to calculate our. This zakah function you can easily calculate it. Zakah Calculator is the gold value obtained and our zakah calculate.

– Masjid Finder
Always stuck on somewhere and do not know where the Masjid is? Use to find this feature Masjid that is closest to you. This Masjid Finder feature is the distance between you and the nearest Masjid calculate and show it on the map.

– Tasbih counter
not need to bring tasbih. This Tasbih counter function can help you to count your Zikir. Tasbih counter have vibrate and audio, you can set it automatically, so you just follow the sound or manually easily. May, this tasbih counter function to help do Zikir.

– Cards
Would you like to send greeting cards to your friends or family about Islam Holy Days? Not need to print the cards. You can use this feature to change the name and to send them to your friends and family with many social media. Cards have beautiful design that combines comfort with Islamic theme.

– Hijra calendar
Hijri Calendar displays the Hijri show months. On this calendar you can Islam Holy Days and convert it to see time masehi also.

– Asmaul Husna
Asmaul Husna 99 good name of Allah. Asmaul Husna comes with nice calligraph design and meaning. You can share the Asmaul Husna on Facebook or Twitter.

– And many other features come to you
Download this Muslim daily applications and spread this beautiful and useful Apps

Jazakallahu Khair

Requires. Android: 2.3 and up
offered by: Wali Studio
offers in-app purchases


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