Download Prosoft Hear PRO v.1.3.0 Full [Keygen] Latest Version

Download Prosoft Hear PRO v.1.3.0 Full [Keygen] Latest Version

Prosoft Hear based prosofteng is a software, as that would be very helpful for you if you need to hear greatly improves audio quality in movies and music throughout all of your applications. Listen Uses hardware already in your computer and combine it with state of the art DSP programming to give you extra bass, spatialization, 3D surround improvements of any sound played through your PC.

ProSoft Listen Main features:
  • Mixer: allows you to adjust the volume for different applications, so you do not have a high post audio while listening to music
  • equalizer: equipped with the most advanced N-band equalizer with built-in peak limiters. You can choose between slider or curve mode for fine-adjustments
  • General: Adjust the general settings (bass, dewoofer, fidelity) and enable various effects
  • 3D: expanding audio environment out of actual speaker positions
  • FX is an aggressive type of surround sound remixing
  • BW: meditate to your music … it’s a special feature that can help you relax after work, it happens by generating brain waves targeted at relaxation
  • Maximizer: bring your concert home … produces a more “live” feature to the music (bass is boomier and highs are crisper)
  • Atmosphere: allows you to add reverb effect to the output
  • speaker: extend the frequency range of your speaker system (or headphones) and corrects output phase
  • SUB: expands bass frequencies like a real subwoofer does
  • Limiter: cap and threshold, control aspects of level compression
  • Space: create a virtual re-sounding frame behind the listener’s position and bounces the sound around
  • Fidelity: Restores subtle nuances that are often damaged in the recording
Hear extends sound over the speakers, improves space perception and will be for a two-speaker surround systems environments. With different settings, Hear general technology can improve the sound quality and dynamic range of any type of speakers and headphones. Get Hear and give it a try to see how easy it can be to create an incredible listening experience without having to resort to expensive hardware!

how to turn Prosoft Hear?:

  1. Download files below
  2. Disable Internet and Antivirus
  3. Pak files using WinRAR
  4. Installer (Run Setup)
  5. Copy Patch for instalation Register then Run Patch
  6. Enjoy !!! your Prosoft Listen Full Version

Download Link:


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