Download Quranic Duas Latest Version

Download Quranic Duas Latest Version

Quranic Duas-2

Do you want more you Äôaas (supplications) from the Koran knew?
This application the user 40+ you beautiful, Äôaas provides that Allah (swt) has taught us in the Koran.
The application aims to make it easier for us to you, Äôaas memorize so that they can be a part of our daily lives; be it reciting them after our salaats or remembering them during our time.

The application allows the user repeatedly to you, Äôaa hear the memorization process support.
The application also provides a recording function for the user to see their own recitation of you, Äôaa and record self-test if they have learned it correctly by heart.

along with their Arabic audio, transliteration and translation

The du, Äôaas are presented in Arabic.
The translation used in Abdullah Yusuf Ali, AEOS.
Even if we use the application for 5 minutes every day, soon we will all 41 you Äôaas know by heart.

Size: 12M
Current version: 1.1
Requires Android 2.1 and higher
is offered by: Magnicode, Inc


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