Download Readiris Corporate 15.2.0 Build 8693 Portable [Latest] Version

Download Readiris Corporate 15.2.0 Build 8693 Portable [Latest] Version

Readiris Corporate

Readiris 15 is OCR software converts scans your photos, images or PDF files editable digital text and searchable (Word, Excel, PDF …) in just a click!

• Convert Excel / Word / PDF / audio files / ebook / etc
• Readiris 15 converts the images (.jpg, .png, .tif, .bmp, .j2c, etc.) or PDF document editing. This popular OCR software compatible with Microsoft Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx, CSV), Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) and Open Office (odt). It also handles a wide variety of other output formats including .txt, .rtf, .wav (audio), .epub (ebook), .html, and .xml
• NEW: Convert documents, e-book & audio

features of Readiris Corporate

use OCR software to the world’s # 1
• IRIS Has been a world leader in OCR technologies since 1986. For 28 years we have been developing text recognition technologies to help people get more productive while managing documents and information. iris. Is the partner of choice for OCR and successful established companies such as Canon, Evernote, Adobe, HP, Microsoft and many more!

automatically restore complex layouts
• Readiris 15 is not only extracts text from a picture or paper, but also restores their deployment. Based on technical analysis on the page itself, Readiris 15 identifies the various components of the original files (image, text, tables, fonts, paragraphs, etc.) and restore them to the output format of your choice.

Introducing the table itself
• OCR software used to capture tables of figures instead of typing it again! Readiris 15 includes Advanced table recognition tool will extract lines, columns, shapes and texts from table to find an image or PDF file. The content seller can edit a spreadsheet application, including Microsoft Excel, Open Office or Google spreadsheet

Over 130 languages ​​supported
• Readiris 15 is OCR software flag when it comes to language detection. Unlike other OCR applications market, Readiris 15 uses a proprietary dictionaries for over 130 languages, including Latin, Asian, Arabic, Hebrew
• NEW: Benefit from Asian character recognition engine for our new

editing tools advanced document
• to get the best results conversion, Readiris 15 includes a set of built-in tools making improvement. These tools will allow you to edit and enhance the document before the conversion process to minimize the need for corrections in the output files
• NEW :. Text editing tools and 3D correction

Creating your own eBooks
• Readiris 15 allows you to convert any PDF file, image or scanned documents to a format compatible with e-book (.epub) ready to be loaded Optimization called on all e-book reader, tablet or smartphone.

converting documents to audio files
• Let Readiris make the call! Readiris 15 includes the option “Text to Speech” allows you to convert your documents into audio files (.wav) readers, tablets and smartphones popular audio.

* Disabled

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: Readiris Corporate v15.2.0 Build 8693 Portable
Developer: Home
Licence: Shareware
Language: multi
OS: Windows


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