Download REC Screen Recorder Pro Latest Version

Download REC Screen Recorder Pro Latest Version

REC Screen Recorder Pro-1

Download PRO REC Screen Recorder FREE record your Android device screen seamlessly. REC Screen Recorder PRO provides maximum ease of use and technical superiority in screen recording to compare to our competitors. This screen recording app is easy to use high-quality screen video and produce, which you can use for almost anything.
REC Screen Recorder PRO is ideal for players who want to record their gaming sessions to create tutorial videos, or even to specify. An app developers will find our screen recorder app very useful to create an app video for their applications. Maybe you chat face with your friends or family face and want to record it to repeat it later? There are tons of other situations in which REC Screen Recorder PRO can help you.

***** REC Screen Recorder PRO Highlighted Features: *****

. Stop being tied to your computer while you record.
. Screen and audio recording for up to one hour, which is longer than other similar recording apps.
. Record audio with your device’s built-in microphone.
. Top of the user interface that focuses on good user experience =. There is no need to mess with the command line / terminal more. Each control and options are available within our App and you can adjust the recordings according to your preferences.
. Make you want to repeat your preferred configurations once and save them to presets so the process is not every time you need to capture your screen.
. Countdown timer, which is fully customizable. This is a very useful feature for our users, because it allows you to set your screen capture properly.
. Stop your recording session earlier than the previously planned two simple steps :. shake either the device or just press the key on the phone screen off

Size: 4.6M
Requires Android: 4.0+
offered by: GateDev



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