Download REDCON APK MOD Premium Unlocked Latest Version

Download REDCON APK MOD Premium Unlocked Latest Version

REDCON APK MOD premium Unlocked -. Real time strategy game play military style has me feel the excitement, upset, holding back barely in time

Redcon is standby mode or Red-Con, the term is often used in the military. The point is, as to regulate a form of communication, the movement of a military unit when performing operasi.melihat of understanding, in this game also requires pal preparation and a good strategy before it into battle.

background game Redcon in the fictional world of the resistance state against a general who had defected. By pengkhiantaanya resulted in the relentless world war at this time.

Buddy Unlocked in android game REDCON MOD APK Premium serves as the greatest military commander, the commands from an emperor received the General and his troops to defeat and stop war forever ..

Have Gameplay is relatively complex, so the game play is pretty easy bother. Complex for updated features and the freedom of the players combine strategy and tactics. interfere simply because the combat system in need Redcon for understanding.

artillery attack automatic use something similar to the functions ATB battle or attack time (as in the JRPG). Now at the same time we also need to be as effective as possible to organize crews and resources, while the right strategy prepared to win the game

Although the game Redcon no difficulty to have options, but do not think the enemies buddy easily defeated. They were strategy game time characterizes a buddy lose can make quickly. With the higher levels of the game is running, enjata that the enemy in possession of numerous and powerful.

Unlocked for a victory in game REDCON MOD APK Premium is that my friend should prepare a strategy that works, update, attacking the right time, and the knowledge of the function of each of the available resources.

The buddy control During the game, military occupation and artillery. Military occupation was a different effect for each resource will give out. ile artillery has a different ability. Buddy definitely dizzy memiankan this game disaaat must regulate the two previous time. Use the pause mode, to ease the burden for my friend when to fight.

Problem audio and graphics, I think the quality and governance arrangements are just right both in this game.


REDCON APK MOD premium Unlocked

|| Game: REDCON ||
|| Version: 1.1.3 ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: net.hexage.redcon ||
| | Internet: Not required ||
|| Root: Not required ||
|| Mod: Premium ||



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