Download Rescue: Strike Back Apk v0.91 (Mod Money) Latest Version

Download Rescue: Strike Back Apk v0.91 (Mod Money) Latest Version

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Rescue: Strike Back Apk v0.91 (Mod Money) Is action game. Download Rescue :. Strike Back Apk Mod From KiosGamers made a big mistake With Direct Link

The Government has, as they of the fighting capacity army wished to raise. An agreement was found, their soldiers from Nova newly discovered creature to strengthen. However this contract were quickly failed when things got out of hand in a prohibited zone 47, an impossible event had happened, had taken as this creature control of reinforced army.
Before dead failure of the government, another agreement was found between the government and expendables, but since the contract was made the fight for survival. Now the world do not fight against chemical or nuclear war, against foreign warfare.

Let Jones register to the enemy to fight, give Mission implementation of flood impossible.

* is not the battle for the weak
– Over 100 missions, with murder missions of sniper, battlefield ablaze adjacent support team to destroy enemy military hardware, rescue patrols to protect the equipment, with look at the most dangerous giant bosses in the battle zone. Perhaps you are the front line command or the professional sniper impossible to meet emissions
-. Excellent 3D graphics, modern art style, with unexpected elements, SYSTEM many restricted areas, extensive laboratory with the strongly fortified enemy
mission object: Stop enemy from the object in a limited time to destroy
mission to destroy objects of enemy. It requires user key equipment of the enemy to destroy
mission sniper :. VIP enemy Assassinate
mission Boss: Each chapter includes another boss, they
mission to kill to kill all the specific AI and different way all enemies, border guards of the enemy attack …
-Enemy assault: basic enemy assault guns use
-Enemy Machine :. heavily armed opponents, skill grenade and more HP [19459017-EnemySniper]: armed with sniper rifles, enemy attack from afar and add high above, in Skill RPG
-Enemy Healer. Enemy uses short weapon for melee attack, add in skill Healing HP for themselves and partners
-Enemy Drone. flying enemy robots attack free users from the top, add in super fast machine guns
-Enemy Canon. Automatic machine gun robot
-Enemy Crab: .. bomb suicide enemy, run in target and explode
* TEAM play function
During missions reach, users will rescue and co-opt partner for the team. Each team has specific position and skill, and they are effective cronies for users on each round
-Squad Hank: .. A command use attack, experts (throwing grenade skill) in the grenade
-Squad Jimmy: a command use machine expert (healing HP for the whole team skill)
-Squad Lena in supporting: a command using sniper, expert in RPG (craft powerful fire in the situation on the ground and in the air attack)
* COMMAND an arsenal of DEADLY wEAPONS wITH modern and progressive firepower
to the front with the Sniper -Take, assault rifles, machine guns and secret weapons
-support items like hand grenades, RPG, mekit
-Specially, if you equip an expert in murder, a gun Ghost Sniper, the fear in every battlefield caused
-If you want to break through the dead of the front line, the machine gun is a perfect choice
* various events .:
-Various and attractive mission / event system
-upgrade military arsenal by collecting items
* player vs. player (PvP) CHALLENGES
-Occupying resources from other players by destroying their defensive line in PvP -Multiplayer mode.
to defend a strong detachment -building booties in PvP multiplayer mode.
Artificial Intelligence System (AI) are to start, but do not really make several unique and difficult to kill enemies
-Each boss with unique AI design make you surprised when face- to-face with him
-Get bonus when special events has.
-Connect Community gamer to explore other elements, challenges and prizes!
Get involved in this difficult campaign to redeem errors while you can still do it. Honed your fighting skills and destroy as many enemies as possible. Enjoy the battle!

Game Screenshots

rescue-strike-back-apk-2 rescue-strike-back-apk-3 rescue-strike-back-apk-4 rescue-strike-back-apk-5 rescue-strike-back-apk-6 rescue-strike-back-apk-7

game Info

game name: Rescue: Strike Back
game category: Action Games
Last updated: June 27, 2016
game size: 155 MB
version of the game: 0.91
developer Studio Brayang
file format :: company Apk
Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
Total Installs: 50,000 +
Google Play 4.1 / 5

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download Rescue: Strike Back Apk Mod v0.91

download Rescue: Strike Back OBB

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