Download RMPrepUSB 2.1.731 [Latest] Version

Download RMPrepUSB 2.1.731 [Latest] Version


RMPrepUSB Windows allows the user to quickly and easily ” roll their own ‘USB drive multibooting. it allows the user to quickly scan, partition, format, install boot manager, a summary or copy files and then check multibooting (aka multipass) bootable USB drive. it can also make or reproduce a photo and more. service point-and-shoot ‘multibooting as daily or XBOOT great, but they do not support any ISO or other image. You will learn to enjoy earning drive multibooting your own personalized through RMPrepUSB!

use RMPrepUSB and design tools USB standard
• collateral -? it only specifies USB drives that are less than 128GB in size by default, so you can not accidentally format the backup drive USB or internal hard disk
• instead of using dd to copy picture drive (which can be dangerous if you drive in the wrong!) use RMPrepUSB
compatible -. RMPrepUSB using boot special patches code and procedure partition to your USB lead the best chance of a boot on a variety of different computers
• fast – fast design. Special FAT32 layout is used which improves write speeds to your USB drive by as much as 10% or more
• Flexible -. You can install a variety of different bootloaders and perform all actions required usually make a bootable USB drive in RMPrepUSB
• Testing environment -. You can check that boots your USB drive using QEMU before you try to boot it from a real


features of RMPrepUSB 2

partition, format and make bootable USB drive
This the main objective of RMPrepUSB. Most users will have to follow the steps numbered (1-6). For more information, see Section my video tutorials. You can format as FAT16 (up 2GiB), FAT32 (up to> 1TiB – unlimited 32GiB). Or NTFS (up to> 1TiB)

Clear and clean the USB drive
Clear button will clear the USB drive partition sectors. Use this option if you have difficulty getting Windows to recognize your USB drive and then re-format it using RMPrepUSB -. Yes Drive

Check the size of your USB drive
If you have bought a USB flash drive cheap from China, chances are it is just a fake. “This might mean that it is 8GB in Windows, but in fact it can be only 1 GB and contains a faulty memory. 95% of all devices USB flash memory from China on eBay are ‘fake’. button checking the size rapid erase and check the USB flash memory entirely inside the drive. If that does not work you have drive fake. If it passes, format it with RMPrepUSB and then test it again with H2TESTW (download link included in the total RMPrepUSB Help) test more thoroughly, but much more slowly.

Photo pen USB flash memory in your
RMPrepUSB can take a picture of a pen drive all you flash memory and then restore it later. you can save a lot of pictures boot other hard disk of your windows and restore them to drive your pen at a later time. you can also save content only one or a few sectors (eg MBR) file and restore it later.

Use the FileInfo or USBInfo to get information about an image file or partition USB.

You can use RMPrepUSB boot sector grub4dos apply to any USB drive using the Install button grub4dos. Specially modified version of grubinst.exe included RMPrepUSB which increases the compatibility USB bootable many older systems.

formatting the drive and install SysLinux
This allows you to format many types of operating systems Linux from a USB drive.

Make a bootable USB drive BartPE
PEBuilder first use to make a folder BartPE, and then use RMPrepUSB part, format and copy the files over to make flash memory drive (USB only coffee BartPE -> button USB )


speed test
use the speed test to measure sequential read and write speed of your USB drive. The results are added to a .csv file at a time, so you can easily compare travel speeds.

Remove USB drive
Remember to use the Remove button before you remove your USB drive from the USB port, or you can get the damaged drive!

Use RMPartUSB in scripts
RMPrepUSB is just a front-end user interface for RMPartUSB which is the command-line utility that does all the hard work. The command line is displayed to the user by RMPrepUSB right before she calls RMPartUSB, so all you have to do is include it in command scripts. One use for RMPartUSB is only to identify whether any connected USB storage device and find out where the physical drive number and letter volume has been assigned by Windows. See RMPartUSB.txt For more information or simply type RMPartUSB console window.

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