Download Rooster Alarm Clock Latest Version

Download Rooster Alarm Clock Latest Version

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at can I tell you about this app? Some time ago I wanted to create a simple program that is closer modern man would bring to nature. Although I have always been a night owl, was at dawn awaken something magical and joyful for me. That’s why I created this utility. Over time, the utility gained additional functionality and is more user-friendly, but the basic idea remains the same. “With the first cock crow Wake up”
Everyone who get up again at dawn tried that dawn know comes at different times in different places. Even in the cities within the same time zone, Dawn does not come at the same time, and that is exactly why the app needs to know where you are. I do not want to share this information? No problem, the app works as a regular alarm clock, it will just not be able to wake you at dawn.

We all love waking up to our favorite music on, so I’ve added the ability to set up no sound available on your device. To do this, your device needs to have access to the media library.

And last but not least. It happened so that the app needs to be developed, and to do that, we need time and money. We have in them ads just because we want to make it better and more interesting (we have to make money for them somehow to develop). Please understand, the need to have ads because they allow the app to develop and perfect.

I wish you successful, joyful awakening! My team and I will ensure that they more and more interesting.

Size: 8.1 million
Current Version: 2.1.2
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
offered by: Swift



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