Download Samurai Devil Slasher Apk v1.1.2 (Mod Money) Latest Version

Download Samurai Devil Slasher Apk v1.1.2 (Mod Money) Latest Version

Samurai Devil Slasher Apk v1.1.2 (Mod Money) Is action game. Download Samurai Devil Slasher Apk Mod From KiosGamers Direct Link.

Are you a true Ninja Gaiden and Onimusha fan?
Do your katana to keep hash and to cut off all your enemies as The Last Blade and Samurai Warriors?
your favorite champion in League of Legends is Yasuo, The Unforgiven?

Now, let us download and play this game!
Samurai Devil Slasher is a sword fight optimized survival action game with Parry system like Dark Souls, but for touch devices.

main character is Yosuke, a Daimyo in Sengoku period, similar to Mitsurugi in Soulcalibur series,
on the way to find his beloved, Honoka, kidnapped by vicious forces.

Gameplay is as easy to grab your devil, get 3 or 4 stacks and you will have ultimate attack,
, but to be tough Lord, because if you watch key to defense of enemies attack hold, nor your HP loss.
to without HP loss, you must guard your key to type accurately time when enemies attack on your body.


careful and keep your character alive!
your HP is low? Do not worry, the game system recovery HP, all 4 enemies killed, are you healing properties!

Samurai Devil Slasher properties:

– Cool protagonist with ponytail
– 4 levels with three levels of difficulty: Normal, Nightmare and Hell
– 4 bosses from ancient Japanese stories
– Black Shadowblade art as shadow fight
– beauty of Japanese graphic style with hand drawing brush calligraphy
– Falling leaves particles similar to manga and anime
– Nice ultimate magical effect, including lighting storm, ocean tornado Meteor rain …
– Amazing traditional Japanese music and realistic swordfight sound
– Many Northeast Asia weapons to choose from: Katana, Ninjato, Nodachi, Shirasaya Tachi, Hwando, Jian, Dadao, Zanbato
– at a low equipment great run
– No Internet connection is required

game screenshots

samurai-devil-slasher-apk-2 samurai-devil-slasher-apk-3 samurai-devil-slasher-apk-4 samurai-devil-slasher-apk-5

game Info

game name: Samurai devil Slasher
game category: Action Games
Last updated: July 1, 2016
game size: 39 MB
version of the game: 1.1.2
developer company: HT83Media
file format : Apk
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
Installs Total: 5,000 +
Google Play 3.9 / 5

download links

(Mod money)

download Samurai devil Slasher Apk v1.1.2 Mod

Thanks for download about Download Samurai Devil Slasher Apk v1.1.2 (Mod Money) Latest Version Download Samurai Devil Slasher Apk v1.1.2 (Mod Money) Latest Version

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