Download Shadow Strike APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

Download Shadow Strike APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

Shadow Strike MOD APK Unlimited Money – modern war strategy into through a highly effective air strikes to direct stitch use heart of the opponent’s defense. Air technology is now being developed drone, the drone technology that is difficult to pursue. Drone. Shadow Strike is a game control a drone in the middle of the battle in the Buddy heats

Shadowstrike APK unlimited money

Shadow Strike MOD APK Unlimited Money is blow a game simulator or flight simulation, my friend is not the drones. With the advantage of a position far above the enemy, can my friend immediately hit the enemy forces with a large selection of weapons, both assault rifles and rockets. Teams will be a buddy with anti-air missiles could attack, but my friend can cope with torches.

There are to complete many missions buddy. For example, in a mission, my friend to kill all the enemy forces there. In another mission, mate only enemy units essentials such as tankers or supply must destroy. Buddy may also need protection missions where Comrade include a convoy to the own troops from attack enemy forces hold.

There is also a promotion, get Buddy. Starting as airman basic, but my friend should complete the mission to be able to achieve the rank of Master General. Of course the challenge is getting harder every level. Buddy drone or weapons used in the game, can be upgraded. There are 7 options drones can mate use, and dozens of different types of weapons, missiles and bombs that can mate to choose from.

Shadow Strike MOD APK Unlimited Money – In order to have the drone and better weapons, buddy, need to raise money, which can be reached only after completion of the mission. In addition, to purchase a new, my friend, the ability of drones to improve already by increasing armor, torches, radar and stealth possession. Weapons can be upgraded to increase damage, rate of fire, accuracy and cooldown.

Shadow Strike

Shadow Strike MOD APK unlimited money

|| Game: Shadow Strike APK ||
|| Version: 1.3.43 ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: com.reliancegames.drones ||
|| Internet: Not required ||
|| Mod: gold + cash ||




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