Download Sleep Calculator Latest Version

Download Sleep Calculator Latest Version

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Sleep Cycle Calculator helps you figure out when to go to sleep and when to wake up feeling rested , energized and refreshed and the morning to avoid feeling groggy.

This is a free Sleep app, set the alarm, you can in-between sleep cycles to wake up to start the day relaxed and with a clear mind.

Every time you go to sleep, take a series of sleep cycles that on average 90 minutes and and during the sleep cycles awakening makes you feel groggy and exhausted, even with a lot of hours of sleep – Sleep Cycle Calculator attempts that best alarm times to determine, or go to bed time to avoid this situation.

Perfect in sleep cycles out and recommended for people who have difficulty sleeping and have no fixed sleep schedule.

There are four sleeping calculation scenarios to choose from:
Scenario 1: You want to know when to sleep, to go to wake up at a certain time. Sets an alarm to go to bed
Scenario 2 :. You want to know when to wake up, when you go to a certain date to bed. Set a wake-up alarm
Scenario 3: .., To the best of times want to know, wake up, when you go to sleep now
Scenario 4: You are planning to take a nap and you want to know when you should wake up.

at this app does
• The Sleep Calculator app is the Android companion Site
• Calculated when you should wake up and when you should sleep go to in-between sleep cycles to wake up.
• Calculates when you should wake up if you should go to bed now or a power nap.
• Calculate a list of possible “go to bed” or “wake up” time depending on your needs.
• the app is able to add alarms to the standard Android alarm app by selecting a time entry in the sleep cycles list.
• Sleep Calculator provides a setting option into account the time to sleep for you (default: 14 minutes) to fall.
• Sleep Calculator provides a setting option of the duration of a sleep cycle (default: 90 minutes) to take.
• The clock-hour format by sleep machines are the equipment current system setting (24-hour format or the AM / PM format).

at this app is not
There is no alarm clock app-replacement, it can add an alarm to your Android stock alarm clock app.

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Android version supports: 4.1+

permissions: ..
SET_ALARM – here you can quickly set alarms for when you want to wake
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size: 1.9M
Requires Android: 4.1 and up
offered by: Thinkpozzitive


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