Download Smadav Pro 2016 Rev. 10.5 Full Key [Latest] Latest Version

Download Smadav Pro 2016 Rev. 10.5 Full Key [Latest] Latest Version

Smadav 10.5 is an additional antivirus protection for your computer, USB stick full protection and cleaning virus so widespread

Smadav Pro vs SmadAV Free
SmadAV Pro has many additional features that are not found in SmadAV Free, the following additional features that you would get at SmadAV Pro.?
  • Automatic Updates Online,
  • Scanning Faster,
  • Exception List,
  • Maximize / Resize,
  • color changing Scene
  • Admin Password, and license the use of Profit. You must be a member to get SmadAV Pro. Note: in this block agan can get a license smadav 10.5 free

The main function Smadav :.
  1. Protection extra to your computer 100% compatible with other antivirus!
    most antivirus can not install other antivirus, it is because antivirus is designed for primary protection on your computer. Unlike SmadAV, SmadAV is the type of antivirus is designed as an extra protection, so 100% compatible and can work well, although there has been another antivirus on your computer
  2. Best USB Antivirus (Total Protection USB stick)
    USB flash drive is one of the largest media spread of the virus in Indonesia. SmadAV to have special technology for the prevention of total virus that spreads via USB stick. SmadAV mission is 100% there is no longer a viral infection of flash.
  3. Antivirus is very light
    Smadav only use resources (resource) a very small computer. Most active user when SmadAV requires only memory (under 5MB) and CPU usage is very small (under 1%). With the use of very small like this
  4. Cleaner and tools to clean the virus
    Smadav can clean your computer from viruses, either automatically or manually by using the tools Smadav. SmadAV can also fix registry has been engineered / modified by a virus.
Some of the tools that can be used on SmadAV to clean the virus manually, namely:
  • One-Virus By-User, to add a file virus and purify it manually
  • process manager, to manage the processes and programs running on your PC.
  • system’s editor, to correct system settings are modified virus.
  • Win-force, to open the system management program on Windows.
  • Smad-Lock, to strengthen the defense of computer drives from virus infection

Link download :.

To install SmadAV Pro 2015 Latest with Keygen
  1. download and install SmadAV
  2. When installation is complete, you open Smadav 2016 Rev 10.5.
  3. go keygen smadav
  4. change the name as you
  5. then click generate
  6. copy and paste the name and serial number tab registration for smadavnya
  7. Done

also you can download Download Smadav Pro 2016 Rev. 10.5 Full Key [Latest] Latest Version
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