Download Steganos Online Shield [Latest] Version

Download Steganos Online Shield [Latest] Version

Steganos Online Shield Free download the latest version for Windows. Independent installation of connected full install Steganos Internet Shield for Windows 32-bit 64-bit computer.

Steganos Online Shield Review

condemn the new Steganos Internet 365 consecutive protects you in detail while being online. It locks hackers out reliably secures you online when you shop, browse or download -356 days a year. With Steganos Online Shield 365 software manufacturers that prevents you from attacks in a row against the computer, your data-identity online. All this is possible only through a single mouse click.

Steganos Online Shield Full

Features of protective Online Steganos

Turn defending and protecting your connection
Steganos Online Shield is an application that utilizes the VPN technology to protect your Internet connection from any unauthorized listening or monitoring, while maintaining your anonymous browsing data and cookies automatically. All these are achieved by tunneling traffic to your website through a private network and change your IP address.
• By giving you a different IP address, the application creates an alter ego of the computer, which is used to browse the Internet instead of your real one. It also prevents any kind of follow-up while you surf the internet, such as cookies or targeted advertising.

access to content otherwise unattainable and encrypt your traffic
In some situations, some sites may be blocked in your area and you can not reach with your normal IP address. This is because that the IP configuration can also find the geographical location of your servers is trying to reach, which in turn can prevent you from access if your country is not on the list of permitted areas. Steganos Online defender can work around this limitation and offer you full access to all Internet content that should be accessible to everyone.
• To better protect your anonymity and protect you against attempts to sniff packets, the application encrypts your Internet traffic through the system bit AES-256, making it exponentially more difficult for someone to intercept and decode your data. Encryption also keeps your emails and instant messages private conversations, but you should avoid using personal accounts in order to get the full effect.

• Unlike other VPN solutions make, Steganos Online Shield provides a very friendly user interface with powerful features and easy to use, which protect you from the dangers of the Internet, regardless of your level of experience and expertise in computer security.

* Key features protects Internet Steganos (1 year / Traffic 5GB per month)

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: Steganos online Shield V1.4.14.11225
Developer: Home
Licence: Shareware
Language: English
OS : Windows


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