Download Taekwondo Game APK MOD Unlocked Levels Latest Version

Download Taekwondo Game APK MOD Unlocked Levels Latest Version

Taekwondo Game APK MOD Unlocked Levels As the name Taekwondo game Sperti can imagine naturally already what this game, a game that has been released by the developer Hello It is certainly a very exciting especially for us who love Taekwondo. Taekwondo sports simulation game is made realistic enough. If we have a taekwondo match, of course, seen or seen, we can see the movement of the punch and kick yan in this Android game contained the state approached actually in the real world proven.

We in the fighting game of this sport is one battle on one with bare hands. Smua internals such as a complete headrest we use as Taekwondo athletes. If we hope to beat blind diTaekwondo Games, we will be disappointed. His name is also Taekwondo, where we can not continue to attack. But we must pay attention to enemy movements, find a gap and then attacked him.

One of the advantages game Taekwondo game levels unlocked APK MOD controls are quite reliable and easy to attack or defense matters. We can see where the virtual button is used on the left side to move forward or backward and survive for us. ile on the right side the enemy is to hit or kick up or down, and exhibit a more powerful Super Kick.

on the side of the screen is a bar to indicate the energy that also require our attention. If we then certainly Attacking draining, let alone issue a super kick, which consume almost half of the energy can. will push If we constantly drained the last of our energy. The energy will be automatically replenished, if we do nothing.

The game is divided into three rounds in which the winner is, who gets the biggest acquisition score. different types of punches and kicks has naturally used another score and back of the original sports in the real world.


Taekwondo Game APK MOD Unlocked Levels

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|| Android: 4.0 ||
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|| Mod: Unlocked all levels ||



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