Download TALES OF LINK APK MOD High Damage Latest Version

Download TALES OF LINK APK MOD High Damage Latest Version

in TALES OF LINK APK MOD high Damage presents different characters from previous stories JRPG series. iz whiz buddy in a group are jointly organizing the monsters to defeat. The mechanism of struggle is a combination of puzzle and action, where my friend a line that had to pull the Champion for determining the order of attack or combinations that are used.

walaupn puzzle game categorized, but the gameplay android TALES OF LINK APK MOD high damage is full strategy must arrange with the contemporary icons of the same character, form a series of attacks, the use of killing my friend Monster can be.

background stories of the history of the world is quite unique connection with protected called by a seal Seal Of shrine. If the seal is broken, Seed of Ruin for free release many evil demons in all corners of the world. The first mate (depending which a seiyuu) meet with new original characters named Sara and Caesar, his sister.

Caesar unconsciously Seed of Ruin influences that controls a figure of evil. decided ile Sara and her friend flew lippy similar cat that great savior they call stop the madness Caesar to help.

Now, the great savior is my friend, and the friend will receive an artifact shaped agate. At this time, the heroes from the world of the valley the monster by the Seed of Ruin appeared created eradicate.

at gameplay sberupa-matching puzzle. ere pal display the same symbol to attack the enemy. under the symbol character education, there are many symbols like triangles, hearts, stars, circles ,. Overall, my friend can bring a three-digit options and the partygoer friend, so it is six main characters, can pair to use to fight.

Later in board contains nine boxes, then the empty crates are filled by the army with the sword. If a fight will be given in the life of the party-mu two status on buddy ie HP, and LC are for the ability.



|| Game: TALES OF LINK ||
|| Version: 1.9.2 ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: com.bandainamcoent.tolink_ww ||
|| Internet: Required ||
|| Mod: + heal damage multiplier ||



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