Download The Foundry MODO 10.0v1 + Content [Latest] Version

Download The Foundry MODO 10.0v1 + Content [Latest] Version

Free 10 Foundry Modo latest version for Windows. Standalone installation connected to its full install of Modo Foundry 10 for 64-bit Windows PC.

Review of Modo foundry

Modo is your starting point for creative exploration. ether you are creating experiences in real time from the mines, product design innovative advertising images attractiveness, or content videos and riveting tools artist friendly Modo they can woo freely realize their full creative potential “your ideas.

Features of Modo foundry

reps quickly
• with 3D models itself and sculpting tools, and produces the viewport, and preview photorealistic Advanced, India lets you iterate faster models concept and production better, look development reviews interactive design .

consistently assured
• workflows with consistency, assembling modular and intuitive user interface, India allows you to apply the knowledge you gain in your early days of exploration and fulfillment of the tasks of the most complex, sophisticated down the road.

Out-of-the-box value
• Modo offers modeling, sculpting, painting, effects and animation tools in one content creation cohesive, easy-to-use package, with rendering network not limited capabilities and boolean MeshFusion tools included.

integration seamless pipe
• Modo fits right into your tube, with Python and C ++ APIs; Python SDK TD; User interface is fully customizable; And support for industry standard formats such as OpenSubdiv, OpenColorIO, OpenEXR, OpenVDB and powdery.

* Disabled

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: the content Foundry Modo 10.0v1 +
Developer: Foundry
Licence: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows 7.8.10 x64
the x64 Foundry Modo 10.0v1 (410 MB) / Mirror
e [Part-1contentx64Itzikhmodo100v119459010] (3.29 GB) / Mirror
the [part-2Tocnitzikhmodo100v1x6419459010] (3.10 GB) / Mirror


also you can download Download The Foundry MODO 10.0v1 + Content [Latest] Version
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