Download Volume Booster Latest Version

Download Volume Booster Latest Version

Volume Booster-2

Volume Booster is a native app that will increase your overall sound by 15-30% depending on the device.
Rather than the rest booster, volume booster fits your Android eQualizer on sophisticated algorithm to enhance the sound.
simply press the Boost button, sit down and relax and let the app do the work for you
Features: ..
* System
– Adjust the volume of your system
* Media
-. By adjusting the volume of your media
* Notifications
-. Adjusting the volume level of your messages

It works for both speakers and headphones. You will also find a significant difference in your ringer, alarm and voice call level
Disclaimer: ..! This app will not damage your speakers
This app has no viruses and does not damage your phone

Size: 2.1M
Current version: 4.1
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
Proposed by: wait at



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