Download Voxal Voice Changer 1.30 [Latest] Version

Download Voxal Voice Changer 1.30 [Latest] Version

Voice Changer NCH Voxal

is a software application designed to easy help you change the audio streams to change the sound in games, music, or if you talk to your friends using instant messaging tools.

intuitive layout and sound presets
• It boasts a clean interface that offers quick access to a wide range of sounds predefined, such as an astronaut, alien, monster cave, Female, Goblin, squirrel, robot male villain, and others.
• In addition, with just one click on the desired preset voice, the tool provides information about the effects used to create a sound that is, flanger, chorus, enhance, and others.

Creating Voice settings scratch and configuration
• Voice Changer Voxal gives you the option to create a new sound by specifying where you apply special effects, such as taking a low pass, high vibrato, tremolo , reverb, flanger, distortion, increase, pitch shifter, chorus, echo, and others.
• at’s more, you can edit any sound preset or newly created, adjust the volume, listen to selected, mute the microphone, to circumvent the current voice, as well as audio files process (eg MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, AU) and export them to the MP3 file format.
During our testing we have noticed that the sound Voxal shunt operation task quickly and provides very good audio results. It’s pretty friendly with system resources, but if you select audio files processed food in the processor and memory for accomplishing the process.

bottom line
• Overall, Voice Changer Voxal proves to be a reliable application that comes bundled with a suite of useful tools to help you change votes.

features of Voice Changer Voxal

• You can add several types of impact
• The custom settings can be set for any effect to add a voice
• comes with presets Effect

* Disabled

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: voice Changer Voxal 1.30
Developer: page
Licence: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows

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