Download WhatsApp For Windows 0.2.777 [Latest] Version

Download atsApp For Windows 0.2.777 [Latest] Version

Windows for atsApp

atsApp he is now one of the most popular messengers mobile platform. Mobile applications on different operating systems allow group chats, share locations to send pictures and videos among others. With the introduction of atsApp for Windows, you can now enjoy using your favorite messenger from your desktop. Free Desktop app is compatible with Windows 8 and later operating systems.

Features of atsApp for Windows

use atsApp for Windows
atsApp for Windows acted as an extension of our smart phone, which is required to run the mobile application for it to work. We are located close to our phone computer for the best experience, but we can also keep it in your pocket after the initial installation.
en we launched the app for the first time, we have to scan the QR code with its mobile counterpart. Click the Menu button on the mobile application and Web Kish atsApp, which allows us to scan the code on the computer.
• Once we comb the code, all calls on our mobile app loaded onto the desktop version. We do not manually add each contact, as a plan intuitively imported them from the phone. We went on smoothly with our chats on the computer, there was a more comfortable typing. In addition to using a large keyboard, we had access to all the keyboard shortcuts, which made our work even more.
• We can send messages, pictures and attachments, record voice messages and manage our message history from your computer. The program has saved our messages, and we should not worry no messages pushed.
• Mobile application menu option allowed us to view all Web clients and desktop PC connected to our account.

atsApp for Windows allows users to access their favorite mobile messenger on the desktop, where they get it more convenient to use. atsApp must be running on their smartphones they use the desktop version, which reflects what appears on the mobile counterpart.

* Disabled

System requirements
Phone • should be connected to the Internet

Title release: atsApp for Windows 0.2.777
Developer: page
Licence: Freeware
Language: English
OS :. Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10
atsApp for Windows 0.2.777 x32 (52 MB) / Mirror
atsApp for Windows 0.2. x64 777 (61 MB) / Mirror


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