Download WhatsApp Messenger v2.16.10 Android APK Download Latest Version

Download atsApp Messenger v2.16.10 Android APK Download Latest Version

atsApp Messenger v2.16.10 Android APK Download – atsApp application
Android APK download atsApp Messenger – atsApp application
The mobile messaging applications most widely used. atsApp, one of the most downloaded applications on the Android Market Messenger sees the past few years to 500 million downloads. 3G and Wi-Fi network messaging application provides the ability to create groups and very easy to share images, video and sound to the fore with the ability. You can download the APK application from our website. Links below.
atsApp is a smartphone messaging application Gesander be used on Android and other smartphones. atsApp, leaving you with friends and family or 3G use (where possible) Chat to your WiFi connection. News, pictures, switch from SMS to atsApp to send and receive audio notes and video messages. First year FREE! (After the year / $ 0.99)

atsApp WHY:

★ NO HIDDEN COST: Once you and your friends download the application, you can make it so much to talk how you want to practice. Send used a million messages a day to your friends for free atsApp your Internet connection. 3G / EDGE or capable of Wi-Fi

★ MULTI-MEDIA .: friends and contacts Video, send pictures and voice notes

★ group Chat: Enjoy group conversations with your contacts

★ NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES:. As the International one Send additional fee email paid
immediately atsApp messages internationally Send it costs. Arkadaşlarnızl around the world, it’s annoying international SMS charges as long as the phone in the atsApp Messenger chat is installed without paying.

★ NO PIN and username EN : you will add another PIN or username why your head to remember? atsApp works just like SMS with your phone number and integrates with your existing contacts in a perfect way.

★ SESSION ON / OFF no need: At the other end of the computer or device that closes the meeting astonishment. atsApp with notifications always on and always connected.

FRIEND ★ NO NEED TO ADD: atsApp, people are used to automatically connect to your phone book. MESSAGERIE friends with atsApp will be automatically displayed.

★ Offline Messages .: If you missed the message, is rotated even if the phone is turned off or atsApp, application stores your offline messages until the next use

★ and much more: notified location, take the contact information, select to send a custom background, set the custom notification sounds that make use in landscape mode, the use of the total time display tips email to your chat history, broadcast batch email and MMS messages at the same time to send your many friends and many more Perform!






application name: atsApp Messenger
Category: Android programs
type application: Instant messaging
publication date: 04.05.2016
language: English
size: 27.6 MB
developer company: atsApp Inc.
file type: apk


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also you can download Download atsApp Messenger v2.16.10 Android APK Download Latest Version
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