Download WinPDFEditor [Latest] Version

Download WinPDFEditor [Latest] Version


is a user friendly application that can be used by anyone who wishes to enter text boxes or images in their PDF documents.

You also can draw directly on your PDF, rotate the top angle you choose or add rectangles and ellipses document.

Features of WinPDFEditor

PDF Editor and Converter
• rapid installation process without special events. en you start, you can choose one of two modules work with, the editing and conversion. The interface of the two components is user-friendly, intuitive contains options.

Edit mode
• Editor mode, PDF pages can be accessed separately in list view or thumbnail. Basically, users need to work with one page at a time. You can add text to add images (from JPG, BMP, PNG, or GIF), as well as custom font settings, colors and sizes.
• solid or dotted lines custom thickness can be applied in a similar manner to the document as well, and users can turn to the Pen tool, brush, line, rectangle or ellipse standard. All the new elements can be erased with an eraser. In addition, all pages or just the current that can be rotated.
• canceling function is also available for removing any mistakes. However, a more practical feature for the same purpose is represented by an object list. Basically, WinPDFEditor records all changes allows users to avoid any specific actions. For example, they can keep the last action (for example adding text) and remove only its predecessor (eg adding lines). Selected objects can be copied and inserted in the same position all other PDF pages with the click of a button.
• In theory, selection tools can be used to re-arrangement of the new elements in the PDF, but it was not always effective during our evaluation. We can say the same for the other drawing tools as well: applying brush strokes too fast creates a separate squares instead of smooth movement, eraser does not always work, and so on. Changes can be replaced with a PDF file or save a new one.

mode conversion
• PDF converter is a lot easier to work with. Can be carried out single-mode conversion activities or shall order, by introducing a PDF file or entire directories. On the other hand, the file browser multiple selections can not so limited inserting PDF using one every time you ordered list (an alternative to using the tree view to select directories).
• Apart from pointing the library output file format, you can select a page range by forming the first and last page. The output quality is not good, but. For example, the structure of the text was not preserved during our evaluation after WinPDFEditor convert DOC to PDF format.

* Disabled

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: WinPDFEditor
Licence: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows


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