Download Wnn Keyboard Lab Latest Version

Download Wnn Keyboard Lab Latest Version

Wnn Keyboard Lab-2

Wnn Keyboard Lab is pre-release version of iWnn IME (Japanese keyboard), the standard is a lot installed from Android devices in Japan.
Wnn Keyboard Lab stable basic IME functions and plug-in modules that has customization.

* Key Features
– .. Launcher
an icon Tap to open the app
you can perform an action, a text on the app send
It is easy to URL to share, e-mail! Address and any text in a text box
, the apps can be changed by a long press on the icon
– .. the application material design
If you need old keyboard design, the old keyboard image obtained
– Full IME features iWnn IME (Japanese / English input)
– Multilingual speaking ~~ POS = HEADCOMP typing “Wnn long-Pack”
Chinese (simplified / traditional), Hangul, Czech, German, Spanish
French with, Canadian French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish,
Portuguese, Portuguese (Brz), Russian, Swedish
– emoji input (Unicode 6 emoji)
– input expansion plug-in (fungal compatible)
– extra conversion plug-in
– switching keyboard image plug-in
– floating keyboard
– A package for smartphone and tablet
– user dictionary backup

– This free version contains tiny dictionary for conversion. Converting precision is worse than the commercial version (iWnn IME)
-. Better dictionary will start to sell [Full network access] soon

* Purpose of access permissions
– are displayed only for ads.. No input data unless sent with external modules outside of the app
[NFC control] – .. to transfer for the backup dictionary to other devices
[memory access] -. For text dictionaries in the memory Import

Offered By: OMRON SOFTWARE Co., Ltd.



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