Download Yellow Battery Latest Version

Download Yellow Battery Latest Version


Yellow Battery is a battery saving app performs the redeveloped World Android development team. It helps optimize battery longer and its use extended by 50% more for your phone. With Yellow Battery Smart Management of telephone status and applications, extending battery consumption and battery life in your hands easily
– Battery main
With optimized algorithm to support, the app will quickly display of standby time and battery consumption to analyze time among various tasks, so users an accurate estimate of how you can use your phone (calling, one watching videos, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or off, etc.) required by the amount of time.

– Mode Switch
Select preset mode (such as Wi-Fi or not) save electricity to help your battery in the long run. You can also adjust battery power when needed.

– A Tap Optimization
Quick optimization to save power easily and responsively. The feature allows you to offer fast relief with high power consumption time, so you can quickly go back to your work without too much worry about battery consumption.

– Super optimization
to save deep optimization of energy, it is more effective than a cock-optimization and the effect lasts longer

-. Use details
The app will replace battery analyze the time and display energy consumption Apps ranking. You can always monitor your battery consumption with time recording and unnecessary applications running in the background to kill and consume additional battery power.

-. Battery Information
The function is to gather all relevant information about your phone battery and the information listed together on one side for a quick overview of your battery property have (. Capacity, technology, etc.)

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Size: 5.2M
Requires Android: 4.1 and higher
offered by: Yellow Apps team


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