Download Yellow Booster Latest Version

Download Yellow Booster Latest Version


If you were Yellow Booster enticed to download save (such as battery life, from viruses , adware), please give us feedback and not download our apps. Meanwhile, it is really helpful if you could take the trouble maker out together with us
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Yellow Booster is up to you to increase the most beautiful online experience of your phone and speed to help you clean up unwanted memory and cache. As a result, it is no longer lags in your commands and your memory will always respond to your needs are available. Also you will be happy to find that your CPU is always cool with his, no matter how long you use it.

Functional characteristics:
. Phone Accelerator
One-Tap-cleaner to clean your unwanted memory, you will receive your phone in a better condition to work. You will then enjoy a smooth online experience;

. Junk Files Clean
If an extensive analysis run unwanted files to detect remnants deleted delete memory and cache to free up your memory;

. CPU cooler
Determine the most consumptive app. Make it clean and tidy for the purpose of your CPU cooling;

. forcing Ultra Accelerator
Professional design to end back-end processes,

. App Accelerator
After any kind of App operation, it is specialized for selected apps accelerated by rapid access.

. Fast-Charger
This will give you a nice interface and appropriate information on the lock screen when you charge your phone.

. Automatic cleaner
Unlock memory boost, make your input flowing!

Current Version: 1.1.17
Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
Offered By: Yellow Booster team


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