Download Zoner Photo Studio + Portable [Latest] Version

Download Zoner Photo Studio + Portable [Latest] Version

Zoner Photo Studio

is a software tool comprehensive and practical helps you edit your digital photos, create a panorama or 3D images.

Zoner Photo Studio is a one-stop solution for downloading your pictures, repair and removal of defects, adding creative effects, organizing tagging your collection, and sharing your creations, from the serious and whimsical.

This professional grade tool by photographers for photographers supports all industry standard technology. Bring Entire groups of RAW images immediately upon the custom module state-of-the-art RAW. Take advantage of top-of-the-line noise reduction.

keep the maximum quality from start to finish with Color Management 48-bit color. Make management and publishing photo information easy with seamless support, silent for EXIF, IPTC, and XMP.

effective interface eye-saving charcoal gray as strong as it is attractive. Bring photos from anywhere you can imagine, and then apply several edits as you want some pictures you want, all at once. en you edit individual images, take the mask layer editing advanced selection tool selection.

Take control of exposure with filters like levels and curves, or use features like Quick Fix to let the program do the work. Archive photo of serious demands serious tagging, organizing, navigation tools, and Zoner Photo Studio delivers, with countless sorting, searching, and filtering features, including the display of catalog quickly and effortlessly see your photos organized by timeline.

Use slide film images quickly browse news during editing, viewing full size and in choosing the cream of the crop tab recently improved comparison images. You wondered job, but you know the output point.

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Features of Zoner Photo Studio

* Connect the camera to the computer and Zoner Photo Studio instantly reveals images, making backups and sorting through all the folders.
* Easily names of files, tag GPS coordinates, add descriptions and keywords using industry standard EXIF ​​data.
* exposure, contrast, white balance, red eye Removel, Sharpen and more -. The most necessary tools are right at hand Quick Edit bar
* Find panorama, HDR and 3D look in minutes. Zoner Photo Studio has long popular filter of cool effects to try.
* Show and share great pictures. Zoner Photo Studio built a raise and functional piece that helps you post directly to Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.
* Optimize your photography tasks using a single software package.
* Add fun filter looks like Lomo, Polaroid bypass, retro, Bleach, or try advanced effects such as Tilt-Shift, HDR and 3D.
* immediately load the images Workspace feature-rich editor displays a histogram, exposure, white balance, color tone Curve.

what new Zoner Photo Studio 18
* Exposure Filter Gradient :. Let both your water and landscapes to shine, with no loss of information
* Edit Smart Auto: Use the editor of a new button to automatically establish look great in one click and adjust it from there
* More muscle for exposure RAW Edits: .. improvement Full Exposure shadows, light, curves, and brightness
* big Preview RAW: RAW files changes appear to perform any primary driver immediately
* quickly import image :. Your camera’s images now load in a flash. And you can tag and rename the correct pictures as you import them
* better browsing :! Catalog indices improved all images automatically, making your job on the fly
* new ways to get creative :. Let your lens flare pictures, make them look like a comic book with a cartoon filter, or experiment with a high-pass filter. You will find that every editor
* mark the duplicates :. Get rid of extra copies taste that simply eating area. Use the new duplicates easily find and manipulate the same files
* implies Keywords :. Tag your photos quickly. Keyword hints makes tagging your photos Spirit
* Previews empowerment while you surf :. Check your photos in a preview pane enhanced by the browser. . Zoom falling on it, and preview outbreak whenever you need
* rating Photo easier :. Rating images is simpler than for shortcuts simple and easy to read star ratings
* your photos in your living room: Share your photos on any device DLNA in your network – phone, TV, tablet or computer
* easier to work with your photos :. With new simple perspective, through your pictures are star of the show
*. Multi-Photo :. Now you can view the summary information when you have multiple images are selected
* LCP Amendment profile lens defects: support our new LCP profile helps you correct lens flaws automatically
* more responsive to new optimizations .: networks do your work with images on networked storage up to 35% faster.

* Disabled

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: Zoner Photo Studio
Developer: page
Licence: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows

Zoner Photo Studio x32 Portable (80 MB)
Zoner Photo Studio x64 Portable (122 MB)


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